quarta-feira, 21 de março de 2007

The Evolution of the Hold’em Player (King Yao)

Step 1: Hold’em Habilis. The player has just learned the mechanics of the game and the rules. He plays many hands because he thinks the winning hand can be any two cards. Although most players will think they know more than just the rules and the basics of the game, a large majority of the players never move past this step. These players are fed to the more developed players.

Step 2: Hold’em Erectus. To develop to this step, the player has to realize that although any two cards can win any given hand, certain starting hands are more profitable. He learns through experience after constantly getting his K8 beaten by AK. Although many players will develop to this step, most do not develop further. They may know that AQ is a better starting hand than QT, but their understanding is lacking as they play both hands indiscriminately. In order to develop further, the player must learn how to be more selective. He must learn how to play tight.

Step 3: Hold’em Sapien. The player has learned the advantages and disadvantages of different positions. When he has the best of it, the player plays aggressively. The player understands how to treat each opponent differently and adjusts according to their differences. He avoids confronting the better players, and takes advantage of the weaker players. Many players never get to this point. They develop into Hold’em Neanderthals instead, a species that cannot adapt to different surroundings, a species prime for extinction. The Hold’em Sapien is constantly thinking of ways to get better, learning more about the game and developing toward the Hold’em Brain.

Step 4: Hold’em Brain. The player understands how others think of him, how they may adjust to him and he adjusts to them accordingly. He understands Hold’em is dynamic. The player uses his knowledge of the differences in situations, the odds, the relative positions, and how others play to his advantage. The player understands that winning pots is not as important as winning money. The player is sharp.

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